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Audi Committee(Current Term:2022.05.25~2025.05.24)

The main purpose of the operation of this committee is to supervise the following matters:
1. Fair representation of the company's financial statements.
2. Selection (dismissal), independence and performance of certified accountants.
3. Effective implementation of the company's internal control.
4. The company follows relevant laws and regulations.
5. Management and control of existing or potential risks of the company.

The Audit Committee meets at least quarterly and may meet as needed. Please refer to the annual reports of the Company for the holding of meetings of the Committee and the attendance rate of each member.

  • Committee Member: Fu-Quan Wei

    • Main Education and Experience:
      Institute of Business Administration, Zhongxing University
      Branch Manager, Farmers Bank of China
      Branch Manager, Taiwan Cooperative Bank
      Compensation Committee, Quintain Steel Co., Ltd.
    • Current position:
      Independent Director, Concord International Securities Co., Ltd.
      Independent Director, Quintain Steel Co., Ltd.
  • Committee Member: Han-Ru Jian

    • Main Education and Experience:
      Bachelor of Economics and Law, National Kaohsiung University
      Master of Finance, National Cheng Kung University
      Attorney, KingStone Attorneys At Law
      Attorney, RueiShin Attorneys At Law
      Attorney, GCT Attorneys At Law
      Attorney, JIAN,HAN-RU Attorneys At Law
      Lawyer and Examiner, Legal Aid Foundation Tainan Branch Support
    • Current position:
      Director, JIAN,HAN-RU Attorneys At Law
  • Committee Member: Hong-Quan Wang

    • Main Education and Experience:
      Department of Geomatics, National Cheng Kung University
      EMBA, National Cheng Kung University
      Chairman, Futeng Construction Co., Ltd.
      Chairman, Li Song Contractor Co., Ltd.
      Chairman, Fei-hwan Co., Ltd.
    • Current position:
      Chairman, Futeng Construction Co., Ltd.
      Chairman, Li Song Contractor Co., Ltd.
      Chairman, Fei-hwan Co., Ltd.
  • Stock Agency

    President Securities Corp. Stock Agent Division
    Address:No.8-B1, Dongxing Rd., Songshan Dist., Taipei City 10570

    TEL:886-2- 2746-3797
  • Legal Advice

    Château Speaker Chong-Hsien Chen /Vice President

    Château Acting Speaker Qing-Qi Wang


    Château Investor PR Director 
    TEL:886-6- 2918-188
    Address: 4F, No. 47, Xinjian Rd., South Dist., Tainan City 70255


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