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  • Kenting Château Beach Resort

    Château Beach Resort Kenting Château Beach Resort

    Château Beach Resort is designed for commercial and leisure tourists, which located at a perfect location in Kenting Avenue area, as well as one of the best options of accommodation in this city. Only 10km away from the downtown area, thus this 5-star hotel has an excellent location to tourists.

  • Château Hotel

    Château Hotel Château Hotel

    Would you like to experience a historic culture travel through a time cannel and pass the time and space? As being called the ancient history capital of Taiwan, Tainan City has many unique tourism resources, such as historic buildings, historic relics, temples, local festivals, civil landscape, natural ecology, agricultural specialty, delicate foods, shopping zone, etc.

  • Château Rich Hotel

    Château Rich Hotel Château Rich Hotel

    Located in the historic and cultural park in Tainan, Hotel Rich is right next to Tainan Railway Station and Zhongshan and Minzu Road where department stores and boutiques congregate. Besides, the Hotel is nearby famous tourism night markets such as Garden Night Market and Wusheng Night Market. A famous designing team is specially hired to design the Hotel in Baroque style. The Hotel provides convenient and comfortable accommodation for those on business travel.

  • Château Express Hotel

    Château Express Hotel Château Express Hotel

    Travelling is not for a group of people, but sometimes can be a selfish relaxation for a person alone; tour may not only be a sightseeing package for several days, but there’re some places that can be a one-day in-depth tour; get rid of burdens and have an aesthetic tour in Tainan, and look for the attitude toward light life by following light travelling.

  • Château Resort

    Château Resort Château Resort

    Hengchun has the Sihjhongsi Hot Spring which is originated from stone seams in Sihmu Mt. and its water source is rich and continuously all the year. Sihjhongsi is meandering between mountains with elegant and eve-catching landscape; the hot spring area is surrounding by mountains where is a famous summer resort, and one of best places of hot spring in Taiwan.


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