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  • Guest Room

    Kenting Château Beach Resort (Total 295 Rooms)

    A relaxing holiday for vacationers who enjoy the sun, the beach and the ocean. Kenting Chateau Beach Resort applies innovative leisure concept to develop activity instructor system, so that a variety of, fun, vivid, healthy leisure activities and unique and beautiful natural environment are combined for our guests to fully enjoy the relaxation of body, mind and soul, where special water activities can be experienced with deep travel memories.
    Provence Hall (91 double rooms, 49 family rooms)

    Marbella Hall (62 family rooms)

    Positano Hall (78 family rooms, 14 honeymoon suites, 1 Royal Suite)


    Hotel Château (Total 104 rooms)

    The Chateau Hotel Anping will reserve the best for our far our far-away guests. The hotel offers six type of rooms and two styles, with a total of 104 rooms. The hotel blends the "living culture" and "quality and fashion" to create the most comfortable and comfortable resting place for travelers, hoping that you will find surprises here, experience the local culture, slow down your mind and pace, and explore the scenery of your own journey. With a spacious and stylish dining environment of 100 pings, the City Buffet Restaurant has about 200 seats, satisfying your discerning taste buds with exquisite taste and rich flavors.
    LOHAS Room (Access-free / 2 single beds)

    MS Room (Windowless Room / 2 single beds)

    MF Room (1 King Size bed)

    MH Room (2 single beds)

    MX Room (2 King Size beds)

    MY Suite (2 King Size beds)


    Chateau Fulang Hotel (Total 54 rooms) 

    The hotel is located in the cultural park of Fucheng, close to the Tainan Railway Station and the Zhongshan and Minzu Department Store and Shopping District, and near the famous night markets such as Garden and Wusheng. The hotel is designed by a famous design team to create a baroque style of architecture, and has 54 luxurious rooms to provide you with convenient and comfortable business travel needs.
  • Dining

    Kenting Château Beach Resort

    Aegean Western Restaurant

    Atami Restaurant

    Mediterranean Banquet Hall

    Open BBQ

    Ocean View Café

    Matisse Bar

    Champs-Elysées Coffee Boutique

    Barbados Bar


    Hotel Château

    City Buffet Restaurant

    City Think Café

    Galau Bay Bar
  • Conference Banquet

    Kenting Château Beach Resort

    Mediterranean Banquet Hall

    Michelangelo Conference Room

    Plaza Wedding

    Beach Wedding

    Garden Wedding

    Hotel Château

    City Pleasure Banquet Hall

    Sincere Banquet Hall
  • Boutique

    Kenting Château Beach Resort

    Champs-Elysées Coffee Boutique 1 stores

    Champs-Elysées Coffee Boutique 2 stores

    Champs-Elysées Coffee Boutique 1 stores

    Photo Gallery

    Azure Spa


    Hotel Château

  • Leisure Recreation

    Kenting Château Beach Resort

    Sea activity

    Land activity

    Parent-child program

    Indoor recreation


    Hotel Château

    City Fitness

    City FUN space (Children Recreation)

    City Space

    City SKY PARK
  • Stock Agency

    President Securities Corp. Stock Agent Division
    Address:No.8-B1, Dongxing Rd., Songshan Dist., Taipei City 10570

    TEL:886-2- 2746-3797
  • Legal Advice

    Château Speaker Chong-Hsien Chen /Vice President

    Château Acting Speaker Qing-Qi Wang


    Château Investor PR Director 
    TEL:886-6- 2918-188
    Address: 4F, No. 47, Xinjian Rd., South Dist., Tainan City 70255


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